Sarn is a world battling against the engulfing tide of darkness, the southern lands lost to its forces and ruled by a fat, horned demon lord who would be a god. Only the Dwarven fortress city of Sylax holds back the tide of evil, supported by what forces the thinly stretched Council of Good can spare from its holy crusade to unite the known world under one banner.

The World Wound, a black cloying hole where once a town stood, spits demons and aberrations into the surrounding countryside. The Knights of Orange and the diminished priests of K’nor guard its borders, battling day and night without rest to contain the blight.

The few remaining free cities states prepare for war, ready to bleed to keep their independence from the Council of Good’s empirical expansion.

In dark corners of the world, monsters best left to the imagination, relics from the great Astoff Wars and ancient ruins await discovery by those brave or foolish enough to venture from the safety of civilisation.

This is the world you live in, this is The Dark Times.

Sarn - The Dark Times

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