Wulfgar is a human fighter. Played by Asa.



STR – 19 +4
DEX – 14 +2
CON – 16 +3
INT – 9 -1
WIS – 10 0
CHR – 9 -1

AC – 24/26 With shield
HP – 20-32-45


FORT – +6
WILL – +1 Is the any? ;-)

CMB +7/9 Bull Rush
CMD +19/21 Bull Rush


Human – Power Attack
1st – Cleave
1st Bonus Fighter – Weapon Focus (War Hammer)
2nd Bonus Fighter – Dodge
3rd Improved Bull Rush


Wulfgar is a human fighter. Played by Asa.

One of a group of four friends who left Zantac to find their fame and fortune in the less civilised lands to the east.

Playing in the Sarn-Going Old School campaign.

Wulfgar is a collosus of a man. Standing at 6ft 5" and 270 lbs he is an imposing figure by any stretch of the imagination. His long black wavy mane of hair is usually found tied in a loose pony tail stretching down to the middle of his back. His rugged features are in stark contrast to his green eyes sparkling like emeralds full of youth and exuberance. His mighty frame towers above and to the sides of many an opponent and in his first 18 years he has used these attributes to rush in and conquer many a foe. Early in his adventuring career he has continued in this way having great success with his mighty war hammer swatting aside many a foe whilst using his fine footwork and stamina to remain in the combat right to the end. That was untill he met the ferocious Lubash. The hulking Ogre used his great club to not only destroy Wulfar in one hit but almost end the life of his new close friend Furnock. It remains to be seen if he has the mental ability to alter his reknown combat style but for himself and his friends Wulfgar knows something must change….

Owner of a Ring of Gnomish Friendship given to him by Wonnilon who he rescued from Lubash the Ogre in the Ruined Moat house.


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