Council of Good

Following the fall of Straa and the loss of all lands south of Sylax to the forces of Evil, the ruling senate of Spartqin and the leaders of several good gods got together and vowed that this sort of evil would never be tolerated again.

They set into motion several world spanning plans.

1) They would rebuild the four holy orders of knights into a mighty force, each 5000 strong, a ten fold increase.

2) They would unite the whole of the land under one banner, be it by diplomacy or force.

3) They would actively remove any trace of evil from the land, starting with the temples to evil gods.

The Council is 14 years into its plan and despite the crippling costs has so far managed to add several kingdoms to its growing Empire, mostly by force. They have succeeded in driving all of the Churches of Evil from their lands, pillaged their temples and murdering their worshippers.

Their forces are now stretched to breaking point and it will be several more years before any more progress can be made.

Organizations that are allied to the Council of Good include:
The Churches of T’gellen, K’nor, Ganil and others
The Knights of Orange, The Fellowship of the Flame, (plus two more)
The city state of Spartqin, The Kingdom of Cristin (plus others)

Council of Good

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