Knights of Orange

The Knights of Orange were founded by one of the earliest human Kings of Straa and served as the royal guard for over one hundred years. During the fall of Straa they sacrificed them selves in order to allow the population to escape, holding back a force many times their own to buy time for the retreating population. Only 11 knights are known to of survived the battle. They are currently led by the Knight Marshall Sir Sturm, one of the most senior survivors of the fall, although he prefers a more hands on approach and leave the day to day running to his commanders.

Since the formation of the Council of Good the Knights of Orange have been actively swelling their ranks and now number in the thousands.

The Knights of Orange are currently concentrated around the World Wound battling to contain the evil with in.

A Knight of Orange can be identified by their orange feathered helm and Orange cape.

Knights of Orange

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