The Dwarven city of Sylax is the greatest dwarven construction an spans the width of the Dragon’s Maw Pass, the only low level route through the Iron Curtain mountain range. Sylax had existed for many centuries, built into the mountain peaks on the western side of the pass, but it was only towards the later years of the Astoff wars that the construction of mighty wall was begun. It was hoped by the Dwarves that they could separate the forces of the Liche Kings from those of their ally Crasimoff and bring peace back to Sarn. The Liche Kings forces attacked the construction at least a dozen times, but where held back by the combined might of the Dwarves aided by the forces of Crasimoff. Before the construction was complete the Wasting Plague wiped the Astoff race from Sarn.

Sylax stands as a testament to Dwarven construction, the great wall blocks the half mile wide pass completely, allowing access through 100 wide and high tunnel, closed off at each end by two huge gates, each 25 feet thick. A thriving city is built into the 300 yard thickness of the wall, containing market places, inns and guest houses for non-dwarven visitors while the dwarven city extends far into and beneath the adjacent mountains.

The city is ruled by King Bryant who can trace his ancestors back over 3000 years.

Sylax trades Metals, Gems, Coal and Stone for Woods, Foods and other imports.

The 100,000 strong population of Sylax have a heavy accent (treat as a Scottish accent for roleplay).

Since the fall of Straa and the creation of the Garythane by the Demon Lord Orcus, the gates have remained shut. As of yet, the forces of the Demon Lord have not attempted to break the fortress, but periodic attacks by rogue incorporeal undead are common.


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